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Festive Fat Tuesday Feast & Fête Pop-Up at UConn

Pop Up Dinner!

Pop Up Dinner! - Sign Ups are Now Complete!!

What is a "Pop-Up Dinner"? It is an underground, random dinner held in a random location. "Pop-up" dinners are happening in big cities nationwide and now they are coming to UConn. Pop-up restaurants have been popular since the 2000s in Britain and Australia. "Pop up" dinners typically make use of social media to alert diners of their undisclosed location of the meal. In large cities "Pop-up restaurants", are an effective way for young chefs to gain exposure of their skills in the culinary field. Pop-up restaurants have been hailed as useful for chefs, allowing them to utilize underused kitchen facilities. Here at UConn, Dining Services wants to utilize this concept in a fun way to show off the culinary talents of our catering staff.

Eager to share in a unique experience? Here are the specifics:

  • The dinner will be held on Tuesday, March 4th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
  • This "Pop-up" dinner will feature food stations and the actual menu will be a surprise!
  • The dinner is limited to the first 60 people to sign up.
  • The cost will be 1 flex pass swipe.
  • The location of the dinner will not be announced until Tuesday, March 4th, by email, several hours before the event.

To sign up for the "Pop-up" dinner:

  • You must go in person to Union Central Exchange C-Store in the Student Union.
  • There, with your UConn ID, you will sign up, have your ID swiped with a flex pass and leave your email address.
    • Due to the limited spaces available you cannot swipe a guest in for this event.
  • You will be emailed several hours before the event telling you the location of the dinner.
  • You arrive at 6:00pm ready to enjoy a delicious and creative dinner prepared by University Catering... and a few surprises!

Don’t miss out on this next exciting special food happening. SIGN UP TODAY AT UCX-C-Store!!!!

Thank you to everyone who attended University Catering’s first "Pop-up" dinner. We hope you enjoyed the evening. Be on the look-out for the notice for next semester’s "Pop-up!"

Student Catering Menu
University Catering is pleased to offer a new "Student Catering Menu". With special pricing and delicious menu options, this menu is specially designed for your next student group meeting. (This menu is for recognized student groups in good standing.) Click to view menu.

University Catering Wins Silver Medal at NACUFS!
University Catering has received a silver medal in the prestigious 2011 NACUFS Loyal E. Horton Awards. Their entry was in the Catering:Special Event catagory and was a true team effort. Congratulations to everyone involved in this exciting collaboration!

University Catering

University Catering is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to the faculty, staff, students & guests of the University of Connecticut. Our services include served meals, buffet meals, receptions, coffee breaks, picnics & a la carte menu planning. Convenient group tickets for any of our campus dining facilities are also available.

The catering department is comprised of a well trained culinary staff & service personnel under the direction of a professional management team. Our experience, knowledge & expertise enables us to provide all of the necessary ingredients to ensure the success of your event.

As you plan your Commencement Celebrations, please keep University Catering in mind. We have added some delicious enhancements to our menu.

Keep updated on University Catering by viewing our newsletters.

Policies & Procedures

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Planning a Successful Event

Arrangements for catered events can be made through the Catering Office located on the ground level of South Rome Commons. You may contact us at (860)486-5053 or via email: catering@uconn.edu. The office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on selected University holidays.

Advance Notice

When planning your event, keep in mind that larger, more involved events require a significant amount of planning & coordination. We recommend that you place your order as early as possible to ensure a smooth flowing event. For popular dates such as commencement weekend, more advanced planning is advised. Please remember to ask your guests if there are any dietary restrictions. University Catering will do our best to accommodate any needs pertaining to dietary restrictions or preferences if notified at the time of confirmation signing or before. We will do our best to accommodate all orders; however, a late notice decreases our ability to provide adequate service and supplies.

Scheduling Your Event

At the time you book your event, the following information will be required:

  • Name, email, phone, & fax numbers
  • On-site contact name
  • Emergency contact name & number for events starting prior to 9:00am or after 4:00pm
  • Name of group or department
  • U-Box or Address
  • Day and date of event
  • Beginning and ending time of event
  • Estimated number of guests attending the event
  • Location & Access info
  • Rain Location and/or inclement weather plan (if applicable)
  • Method of payment
  • KFS number (if applicable)

Event Planning & Guaranteed Attendance

University Catering services may limit their services during peak times. Preliminary menu arrangements are highly recommended as early as possible, but must be made at least fourteen (14) business days in advance for our staff to meet your needs & expectations. To ensure appropriate service preparation, all cancellations and/or changes referring to the menu, guest count & event arrangements must be finalized by twelve noon, three (3) business days prior to your event. The event day is not included in the calculation. Our ability to serve additional guests added after the guest count guarantee deadline (i.e., less than three days before the event) will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any decrease in the number of guests made after the guarantee deadline will not reduce the quoted cost of the event. If the number of guests exceeds the guarantee, the client will be charged for the actual number attending. If a final guarantee is not submitted, the original contracted guest count will be used for billing purposes.

Event Day Guarantee Due By
Saturday, Sunday, Monday* Prior Tuesday
Tuesday Prior Wednesday
Wednesday Prior Thursday
Thursday Prior Friday
Friday Prior Monday

*If the Monday prior to your event is an observed holiday, guarantees will be due one day earlier than the above stated.

Pricing, Availability & Service Charges

We reserve the right to re-price any event whose guarantee fluctuates +/- twenty percent (20%) from the original tentative guest count. Menu items & pricing are subject to change without notice. Due to seasonality & vendor ability, certain items may not be available.

Orders placed & confirmed fourteen (14) business days or earlier that provide a University Financial Reporting System (FRS) account number to be charged at the completion of your event will receive a ten percent (10%) discount on food items. Complete planning including your signed confirmation received by the office, final guarantee & set-up details are required with no changes thereafter. As a courtesy to our community, University Catering does not add an industry standard service charge. We also do not charge or expect gratuity.

Event Confirmation

Once the details of your event have been finalized, we will email your confirmation(s). Please carefully review all information for accuracy & completeness. If you have questions or changes, please contact your coordinator immediately. Your signed confirmation must be returned to University Catering ten (10) business days prior to your event. This is an absolute necessity for the success of your event.

Service Hours

The standard hours for all delivery, set-up, clearing & attendant services are Monday through Saturday from 7am – 9pm & 8am – 8pm on Sundays.

Services required before or after our standard service hours will incur additional labor charges of $25.00 per attendant per hour. Client is responsible for additional labor fees, per union contract, for events occurring on Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

Delivery Fees

  • Drop off service (all disposable, deliver, set up with no return for clearing by our staff)
    • Complimentary for Events within the Student Union
    • Complimentary to Storrs Campus orders with a minimum order of $100.00
    • $15.00 if below $100.00
  • Standard Delivery (deliver, set up, return for clearing by our staff)
    • Complimentary for plasticware events within the Student Union that have a minimum order of $50.00
    • $15.00 if below $50.00 or on chinaware
    • Complimentary to Storrs Campus plasticware orders with a minimum of $150.00
    • $25.00 if below $150.00 or on chinaware
  • Off Campus Delivery will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on location and logistics

Please establish accurate delivery & pick-up times for your event. Unscheduled returned trips due to late running meetings, locked facilities or rooms, or any other reason our equipment is not available at the specified time will incur an additional fee of $25.00.

Late Bookings

The busy catering calendar may not be able to accept late bookings. If we accept them, an additional charge is necessary to cover the expense of last-minute alterations & ordering. Events booked with less than seventy-two (72) hours notice will be subject to additional charges.


Events or menu items cancelled or changed after booking may be subject to charges based on what cannot be absorbed into ordinary production.

Events cancelled due to extreme inclement weather resulting in an official University closing will not incur any fees. For events cancelled due to inclement weather without an official University closing, the customer will be responsible for any special ordered items & costs that cannot be absorbed into normal production.

Deposits, Billing and Payment

University Departments paying by the Kuali Financial System (KFS) are required to provide, at time of booking or upon confirmation, the KRS number that is to be charged following the event. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct KRS number. Your KRS Account will be charged the actual number of guests or the guarantee, whichever is higher at the conclusion of your event. For University affiliated groups paying by cash or check, payment is expected within seven business days following the event. Final invoices will only be sent for alcohol consumption or upon request.

Full payment prior to your event is required for non-University affiliated groups. An invoice for alcohol & any additional fees will be sent after the event. Payment by cash, check, or money order is expected within seven business days of receipt. University Catering currently does not accept credit cards.

Open Flames and Sterno

For your guests’ safety, University Catering requires an attendant to be present at all events that require open flames or sterno.

An additional $25.00 per attendant per hour (including setup & tear down) may apply.


Due to health regulations, and for the safety of our guests, food not consumed may not be taken from catered events.

Alcohol Beverage Requirements and Bar Services
University Requirements for Serving Alcohol

  • Alcohol may not be served unless non-alcoholic beverages (in addition to water) & food are also served. Food & non-alcoholic beverages must be available to the consumer without cost to the attendee if alcohol can be consumed at no cost.
  • Alcohol served at University sponsored events at no cost to the attendees may only be funded by Foundation accounts.
  • It is the responsibility of those in charge of an event to ensure that no one who is underage is served any alcoholic beverages. No service will be provided unless clear evidence of legal age is presented. The burden of proof for showing legal age is on the alcohol consumer.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed or carried in open containers in the commons or public areas (as defined by law & University regulations) of any building or grounds, except for group activities or events where alcohol (if required) has been obtained & the building proctor or scheduling has approved the event.
  • Alcohol sales revenue may not be used for fund-raising on campus.
  • All alcohol sales on University property must be provided by the Department of Dining Services. Event sponsors must have prior approval for the service of alcoholic beverages at special events. Event sponsors also must contact University Catering at (860)486-5053 to make arrangements for alcohol service with a minimum of two weeks notice.
  • Each group must have an assigned person in charge who is 21 or over. Someone must assume responsibility for supervising the event & should be present at all times through completion of event. Connecticut law states that persons under 21 years of age not be furnished, served, or given alcoholic beverages. The age of attendees will significantly influence what procedures & additional fees will be required to ensure compliance with the law.

Bar Services Available

University Catering offers multiple bar packages to meet your budget needs. Packages include non-alcoholic beverages, mixers, bar snacks & plastic cups. Beer & Wine Bar Packages are $2.00 per person. Full Bar Packages are $2.50 per person. Add $1.00 per person for glassware.

Bartender Fees

  • A Bartender fee of $25.00 per hour per bartender for the length of your event (set up & tear down included) will be charged for all bars.
  • Full bars below 40 guests will incur an additional fee of $100 for set up.

Standard Bar Staffing

  • One (1) Bartender per seventy-five (75) guests for Beer & Wine Bar
  • One (1) Bartender per fifty (50) guests for Full Bar Additional Bartenders added per client request will be charged accordingly.

Bar Packages & Fees

  • Full Bar Packages:
    • Standard Full with House Beer & Wine
    • Standard Full with Premium Beer & Wine
    • Standard Full "Husky" Beer & Wine
  • Standard Full Bar Liquor includes:
    Vodka, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, Bourbon, Triple Sec, Sweet & Dry Vermouths with House or Premium Beer & Wine or make it "Husky" with both House & Premium Beer & Wine
  • "Husky" Full Bar
    Add Lemon & Raspberry Vodkas, Tequila, Kahlua, Schnapps, Spiced Rum, House & Premium Beer & Wine

Hosted Liquor Pricing

Consumption Charged Per tenth (.10th) bottle

Vodka $8.50
Gin $8.50
Rum $8.50
Whiskey $10.00
Bourbon $10.00
Scotch $10.00
Vermouth $2.50
Triple Sec $2.50
Tequila $8.50
Kahlua $10.00
Spiced Rum $10.00
Flavored Vodka $10.00

Beer & Wine Bar Packages

  • House
    House Wine: $4.75 per glass
    House Beer: $3.75 per bottle
  • Premium
    Premium Wine: $5.75 per glass
    Premium Beer: $4.75 per bottle
  • "Husky"
    Includes Both House & Premium Selection

6% Sales Tax not included on Hosted Bars

Cash Bars  
Single Liquor $5.50
Double Liquor $7.00
Martini/Cordial $9.50
House Wine $5.00
Premium Wine $6.00
House Beer $4.00
Premium Beer $5.00

Priced per drink, 6% sales tax included

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FDA Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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