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Local Routes - UConn's Sustainable Dining Program

Connecticut and New England Food Producers

We are proud to list the following Connecticut and New England food producers among the suppliers to our Sustainable Dining Program at UConn's historic Whitney Hall.

A new feature: Meet the Farmers. Click on this link to view photos and gain information about some of the farmers we purchase from:

  • The Bridge Tofu, Middletown, CT (Tofu & Seitan)
  • Calabro Cheese Co., East Haven, CT (Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan & Romano Cheeses)
  • Four Mile River Farm, Old Lyme CT (Pastured Beef)
  • Pumpkin Paul's Farm, Tolland, CT (Strawberries)
  • Mountain Dairy, Storrs, CT (Milk & Cream)
  • Buell's Orchard, Eastford, CT (Apples, Pears, Peaches & Apple Cider)
  • Norman's Sugarhouse, Woodstock, CT (Maple Syrup & Honey)
  • Nodine's Smokehouse, Torrington, CT (Beef Hotdogs, Apple Smoked Bacon & Ham)

And the following University of Connecticut food producers:

  • UConn Poultry Farm (Cage Free Eggs)
  • UConn EcoGarden Club (Garden Produce & Herbs)
  • UConn Spring Valley Farm (Garden Produce & Herbs)
  • UConn Dairy Bar (Ice Cream)
  • UConn Dining Services Apiary (UConn Gold Honey)

Certified Organic Products:
Whitney Dining Unit is committed to serving organic products when available.

  • Brown and White Rice
  • Sugar
  • Bananas
  • Baby Spinach
  • Spring Mix
  • Fair Trade Coffee

Sustainable Farm Cooperatives:
We are proud to list the following farms that supply Whitney Dining Unit with products that are humanely raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. These farms are committed to sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Coleman Ranch (Organically Raised Chicken and All Natural Chicken Breast)
  • Pineland Farms (All Natural Beef)
  • Plainville Farms (All NaturalTurkey)
  • Leidy's (Nature's Tradition Pork)
  • Abbotsford Farm (Liquid Cage Free Eggs)

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