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Real Slow Food at UConn

Real Slow Food At UConn

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Fall 2013 Upcoming Events

  • 10/20 Mushroom walk Sunday at 10:00am at EcoGarden plot
  • 10/20 Coventry Farmer’s Market
  • 10/23 Susan comes to our meeting
  • 10/24 REAL FOOD DAY
    • 10:00am to 1:00pm inside the Student Union, 12:00pm – 3:00pm outside library
    • We will have husky granola and apples
    • Real Food Day movie (with EcoHouse/farm) in Sprague to continue festivities!
  • 10/27 at 3:00pm pumpkin carving in Sprague kitchen
  • 11/10 Sunday Beltane Farm tour

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There will be a farm tour with Yale Slow Food on Saturday, October 5th.

A small but dedicated group of students joined Real Slow Food Uconn on a field trip to Beltane Farm for a cheese tasting and a farm tour. We were warmly greeted by Paul, the owner of the farm and a big pot of warm cider. Perfect on a cool fall day! We then had the delicious task of tasting more than 6 different kinds of goat cheeses ranging from mild and creamy to sharp and firm while hearing about how each one was made.

This fascinating presentation was followed by a farm tour where we saw the milking room and kitchen where the cheese is made. We even had the opportunity to pet the very goats that produced the milk for the cheeses. It was a great New England afternoon at the farm!

Real Slow Food Meeting Fall 2012
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 11th at 8:00pm in the small dining room at Whitney. It is the first meeting of the year and we will discuss upcoming events for the year. All are welcome to join us!

Past Real Slow Food Events

Beltane Farm Beltane Farm
Heirloom Apple

Heirloom Apple Give-Away!

Real Slow Food UConn has begun the semester with a BANG! We hold a dinner meeting at Whitney dining hall every other Thursday evening and plan our adventures. First, we participated in the Involvement Fair. It was elbow to elbow for hours, meeting new students and spreading the Slow Food philosophy.

Slow Food Slow Food Slow Food

Last Saturday, we went on our first field trip of the semester to the fabulous Coventry Farmers Market and then on to the Taste! Organic Connecticut event in Manchester. It was a day filled with good food and fun people.

This Saturday is DIG IN DAY sponsored by Slow Food USA. We are getting down on the farm with the EcoHusky’s at the EcoGarden for their garden day at 10:00. Good weather, good people….and a good time was had by all!

On Sunday, October 3rd we went apple picking and a delicious time was had by all!

Come to a meeting!

Come to a Real Slow Food UConn Meeting!
Guest Speakers
Bring your friends!

Listen to UConn students' Real Slow Food's recent radio interview: http://www.thethoughtspot.org/


RealSlowFoodUConn was represented at the Earth Day Spring Fling held on Friday, April 23rd. Pictured is Susan O’Keefe, Staff RealSlowFood Coordinator.

Slow Food Slow Food Slow Food
Photos from the 2nd Annual Real Food Summit held at UMass Amherst last February

What is slow food?

Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. Information is from the Slow Food website: http://www.slowfoodusa.org/

What is real food?

"Real Food" is a holistic term we're using to bring together a lot of different ideas people have about just and sustainable food. We're talking about food that is ethically produced, with fair treatment of workers, equitable relationships with farmers (locally and abroad), and humanely treated animals. It's food that is environmentally sustainable, grown without chemical pesticides, large-scale mono-cropping, or huge carbon footprints. Real Food is food that is healthy, tastes good, builds community, and has the potential to inspire broad-scale social change. You can call it 'green' or fresh, 'local' or 'organic.' But we're talking about more than supermarket labels. That's why we think about Real Food in the context of our entire food system, from farm to plate as food that truly nourishes people, communities, and the earth. In practice, we have broken down real food into 4 categories: local, fair, ecologically sound, and humane."Information from the Real Food website: http://realfoodchallenge.org/

At UConn we aim to improve the culture of food on campus by:

  • Purchasing more local/organic foods
  • Enjoying whole and healthy foods
  • Learning the origins of our food
  • Supporting local farmers

East Area Council

Represents a unique community of students and seeks to improve their quality of life on campus. Spring 2009 Meetings: East Area Council meets every other Thursday at 6pm in Whitney dining beginning 2-5-09! Come join us for some great food and discussion of what's to come!

Real Slow Food at UConn works in conjunction with the Department of Dining Services/Whitney Local Routes and UConn EcoGarden. Students choose a sustainable approach to gardening. Produce from the garden is sold to Whitney Dining!

For more information please contact: Rachel Dziedzic

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