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Please note that a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low fat/low carb foods are available each day in every dining unit.

Large Dining Units

Located in Whitney, Buckley, McMahon and Putnam, the large dining units serve between 250 and 1000 customers per meal.

Whitney Local Routes Dining Unit

Whitney "Local Routes" offers a sustainable and local menu featuring seasonal food items from a variety of local farmers and food producers including our own UConn Gold honey, UConn eggs, UConn Dairy Bar ice cream and produce from the UConn EcoGarden.

Buckley Dining Unit

Buckley features a menu which highlights the best of what each season has to offer including a focus on fresh vegetables in the warmer weather while enjoying heartier fare in the cooler weather.

McMahon Dining Unit

McMahon, this newly renovated and award winning dining facility features an open kitchen concept with bar type seating, enabling diners to interact with the chefs. Spacious and sunny seating areas will add to the ambiance of global cuisine menu offerings.

Putnam Dining Unit

Putnam offers an extensive salad bar, a made-to-order quesadilla/panini grill, open Monday - Friday from 10:30am - 7:15pm; (The quesadilla station is open Monday – Friday 10:30am – 7:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm – 7:00pm.), made-to-order sautés and sandwiches during lunch and a carving station opened Monday - Thursday during dinner, all in an attractive dining area with a great view of campus. Putnam also has a grab & go, Putnam Exchange, next to the dining room for quick-stop shopping on your way to class or your apartment.

Northwest Marketplace

Northwest Marketplace offers seating for 450 people and a variety of cuisines prepared by a professional staff. Enjoy a restaurant style meal in our bright and inviting "Sun Room". Listed daily at lunch and dinner are our "Healthy Husky" options for you to choose. Northwest Marketplace is open until 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday. Come and enjoy our late night menu.

North Dining Unit

North offers a variety of culinary delights from sizzling cheeseburgers at the grill station to slow cooked brisket sandwiches at the comfort station. The servery includes an active sauté station where omelets are made to order every morning and personalized sautés and stir fries are served from pan to plate. We have an extensive salad bar which not only offers a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables but also an assortment of sliced meats and cheeses. Freshly baked breads from our bakery and a Panini grill offer many choices for a custom built sandwich. Our menu offers nutritious fare from all regions of the states and a collection of favorites from around the world.

South Marketplace

South Marketplace is the contemporary food court on campus. The location is very accessible for students just getting out of classes, and it is also near several resident complexes and staff offices. South offers a broad selection of dining options including Healthy Husky entrees, global cuisine, home style cooking, hand carved meats, grilled burgers and sandwiches, freshly prepared soups and salads, a full scale deli bar, pizza and pasta bars and an array of desserts. Gluten Free and Vegetarian options are available at every meal. Check out Charlie's Clam Chowder every Friday and Sundae bar at every Sunday dinner. Or...if you are in a rush, check out South Grab & Go in the lobby area.

Gelfenbien Commons

Gelfenbien Commons servery offers seating for 450 and a diverse range of food options including the option of choosing Kosher meals. The Kosher Kitchen is certified by Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford and all kosher dishes are prepared under the close supervision of our resident Mashgiachs. All of our kosher offerings in the servery are mainstreamed with our other menu alternatives so that anyone may choose to eat kosher at no additional cost. In addition to kosher, Halal menu offerings will be available for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday for students who prefer this option. Traditional service at Gelfenbien Commons is seven days a week, providing dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some late night service.

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Map of Resident Dining Locations
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